Thermal management solutions for Energy Sector

Focus on your main business, let us solve the thermal management issues. We specialize in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge thermal management and cooling solutions tailored to the unique demands of the energy sector – related to batteries, charging stations, mobile work machines and energy storages. With over 50 years of product development experience, we are your trusted partner in ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and sustainability.

Industries where we serve

Our mission is clear: empowering our customers to harness renewable energy technologies through customized cooling and air conditioning solutions. Whether it’s mobile work machines, charging stations, batteries, or battery storages, Lumikko’s expertise ensures efficient thermal management even in the most challenging conditions.

Non-Road Mobile Machines

While non-road mobile machines (NRMM) transition to electric powertains, you want to ensure their efficient operation year-round. Lumikko offers effective cooling systems to manage the heat produced by power electronics to ensure long product life cycle and optimal energy efficiency. Thermal management is where Lumikko is at its best, especially in extreme conditions. Work machines in construction, mining, ports, agriculture and forestry, no matter the vehicle, we handle your electric vehicle’s thermal management. Lumikko has been operationg with mobile work machines’ thermal management for 10 years.

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are crucial for stabilizing the electric grid and integrating renewable energy sources such as Solar and Wind Power. Thermal management is paramount in BESS to ensure operational safety, performance, and longevity. Effective cooling solutions are needed to manage the heat generated during charging and discharging cycles, while warming systems may be required in colder climates to maintain battery efficiency. Our advanced thermal management techniques are suitable to manage the heat in batteries and energy storage systems and their power electronics.


Batteries and Energy Storages

Charging Systems

High-power EV charging systems such as those used in Megawatt charging stations need high-performance cooling to enable fast, efficient, and safe charging. High-power charging generates significant heat which must be dissipated to prevent damage to the charging equipment and vehicle batteries. This makes thermal management especially critical component in charging systems. When it comes to thermal management of charging systems, Lumikko is the right partner for you.



Why choose Lumikko?

1. Expertise: As a leading Finnish family-owned company, we’ve honed our skills in creating solutions that thrive in extreme environments. Lumikko’s legacy dates back to the 1970s, and our commitment to innovation remains unwavering.

2. Customization: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our turnkey projects cover everything from design to installation and maintenance, ensuring that each solution aligns perfectly with your specific needs.

3. Sustainability: Lumikko actively supports the green transition. Our solutions contribute to sustainable mobility modes, such as train and tram traffic, while enhancing energy storage facilities and electric machines in the mining industry and ports.

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