Lumikko Oy is a leading Finnish family-owned company specializing in designing and manufacturing air conditioning and thermal management solutions for demanding conditions and mobile equipment.

Our goal is to be the top partner for manufacturing industries in Northern Europe when it comes to thermal management solutions.

We are driven by passion and a genuine desire to assist our customers in the best possible way. Our core values revolve around care, a commitment to being an innovative pioneer in the industry, and responsibility across all aspects of our operations.

Our strengths lie in customer orientation, solution-focused approach, flexibility, high-quality standards, and extensive industry experience.

Supporting the energy transistion

Supporting the energy transition, we enable our customers to utilize and develop renewable energy technologies through reliable, customized cooling and air conditioning solutions.

Our main product areas focus on cooling solutions for demanding conditions, including energy and charging container cooling, hybrid and electric vehicle cooling, rail transportation air conditioning systems, cooling solutions for defense equipment and crew compartments, cooling equipment for biocontainers, as well as industrial and equipment room cooling solutions.  


Lumikko is made by it´s people

At Lumikko, our employees are our most valuable asset, and we prioritize taking care of them. To be the best partner for our customers, we must also be the best employer for our employees.

As an employer, we promise to provide an environment that is equitable, reliable, caring, and responsible for our talented workforce.





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