Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy you’ll find information on the processing of your personal data by Lumikko. Your data is processed only to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose for which it was collected. Data is mainly collected from yourself.  Data can also be collected during sales negotations and from the contract between Lumikko and the customer.

Personal data means any information that can be directly or indirectly used to identify you. Lumikko processes your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and other personal data legislation.


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Purposes of data processing

• Communication with customers that have contacted us through our webpage.
• Taking care of Lumikko’s customer relationships and for fulfilling contractual obligations.
• Develop Our Websites for a better quality and broader scope of services
• Marketing planning, marketing, customer feedback and marketing surveys.

Collected Data Content

We collect personal data that you have provided to us through contact inquiries, surveys, subscriptions, polls or other such. The information includes:

• Contact details (Name, Company, Phone Number, E-mail)
• Feedback or inquiry messages that you have provided
• Any other information that you have provided

When visiting Lumikkos webpage your online usage is collected. This data includes e.g.:

• Pages browsed by the user
• Devide Model
• The sites user accessed Lumikko’s website from
• IP Address
• Session time and duration
• Geographical location
• Clicks and scrolling

Data storage period

Data is stored for as long as it is necessary for achieving the purpose it was collected for. After this the data is deleted.

Right to access, rectification, erasure, object

• You have the right to get confirmation of whether your data is beign processed by Lumikko and if it it, you have the right to get a copy of your data.
• You have the right to request that the data is updated.
• You have the right to request erasure of your data in case you think Lumikko doesn’t have a valid legal basis for processing the data.
• You have the right to object to your data beign processed for marketing purposes.

Use of cookies

On our website, we use the so-called cookie function, i.e. cookies. A cookie is a small text file that can be sent to the user’s computer and stored there, which enables the website administrator to identify visitors who visit the website frequently, to facilitate the login of visitors to the website, and to enable the compilation of composite information about the visitors. With the help of this feedback, we are able to constantly improve the content of our pages. Cookies do not damage users’ computers or files. We use them in such a way that we can offer our customers information and services according to the individual needs of each.

If the user visiting our pages does not want us to receive the aforementioned information with the help of cookies, most browser programs enable the cookie function to be turned off. This is usually done through the browser settings.

However, it is good to take into account that cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning of some of the pages we maintain and the services we offer.

You don’t have to use cookies, cookies can usually be turned off and removed from the browser’s privacy tab. However, logging into online services or other transactions without them can sometimes be demanding or impossible.

By accepting the analytics, you accept that Google acts as a data processor. You accept the procedure according to their privacy statements. We store visit data and point measurements, based on which we know how to update our service in the direction our customer is interested in. We do not collect any personal or otherwise sensitive information.

By accepting the use of marketing cookies, you agree that Google acts as a data processor. You agree that your visit data can be analyzed and stored for remarketing purposes. This information we collect is used in Google Ads advertising services, which enables the marketing of our products by limiting the distribution of advertisements to e.g. only a certain group with certain search words or according to site visits in Google’s advertising channels. This is how we target our ads better to people who are most interested in our ads. We use advertising services in accordance with good practices and follow Google’s remarketing privacy policy.

If you do not want to receive personalized advertisements, you can stop receiving them from Google services (link below).

By sending the form through our website, you agree that your information can be used for marketing, and you also agree that you can be contacted electronically.

Google Analytics is used on the site for web analytics, Google processes this data GDPR compliant.

Cookie information and cancellation

Google Analytics, Opt Out ( )

Registry protection

The data is transferred over an SSL-protected connection.
Electronic information is protected by a firewall, usernames and passwords.
Only those persons employed by the data controller who need the data in their duties have access to the data.

Automatic decision making

Automated individual decisions (Article 22 of the EU Data Protection Regulation) are not made.


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