Railway food storage systems

Lumikko is proud to introduce its state-of-the-art refrigeration solutions for train restaurant cars, setting new standards in the cold chain transport industry. Lumikko’s refrigeration units are designed to meet the unique challenges of rail-based food transportation.
Our refrigeration units are built on a platform that delivers significant energy savings and comes with compliance choices that don’t compromise performance. They are engineered to provide consistent and reliable temperature control, ensuring the freshness and quality of food products during transit.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Operation

Echoing the green approach of the modern rail industry, Lumikko’s refrigeration units are designed for eco-friendly operation. Our units are running on our in-house designed, efficient system producing the right temperature all the time and thereby cutting down on emissions offering a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for food transportation.

Customizable and Durable Design

Understanding the diverse needs of train restaurant cars, Lumikko offers customizable refrigeration solutions. Our designs cater to various car sizes and food types, from perishables to frozen goods. The durability and robustness of our units ensure long-term serviceability, even under the demanding conditions of rail transport.

Advanced Refrigeration Technology

Intelligent Temperature Management

Lumikko’s refrigeration units are equipped with advanced temperature management systems, ensuring that the interior climate is consistently maintained at optimal levels for food preservation. This technology helps in preventing temperature excursions, which are crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of the food products.

User-friendly and safe operations

Ease of use and safety are at the core of Lumikko’s design philosophy. Our units feature user-friendly interfaces for seamless operation and maintenance. Safety features are incorporated to protect both the food products and the operating staff, ensuring a risk-free environment in the kitchen cars.

Lumikko's commitment to quality and innovation

At Lumikko, we are committed to delivering refrigeration solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also align with the highest standards of quality and innovation. Our train restaurant car refrigeration units are a testament to this commitment, offering unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability. Choose Lumikko for your train restaurant car refrigeration needs and experience the pinnacle of cold chain transport solutions.

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