Railway HVAC

In the dynamic world of rail transport, passenger comfort and environmental sustainability are paramount. Lumikko, a leader in HVAC solutions, presents its cutting-edge air conditioning systems designed specifically for trains. Our commitment is to deliver not just comfort, but also efficiency and reliability in every journey.

Tailored solutions for diverse rail needs

Understanding the diverse needs of rail transport, Lumikko offers a range of HVAC systems suited for various rail solutions – from locomotives to sleeping cabin cars and food storage systems. Each system is engineered to operate efficiently in different climatic conditions, whether it’s the icy cold of the arctic or the heat of a desert. Inspired by the harsh Nordic conditions, which demand custom solutions for extreme environments, we ensure that our HVAC systems meet the unique requirements of each train model and route.

Technological Excellence for Optimal Performance

At the heart of Lumikko’s HVAC solutions is advanced technology. Our systems are designed with the latest innovations to ensure optimal temperature control, high energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance needs. Drawing on Lumikko’s  approach to unequaled temperature management, we focus on delivering a balanced indoor climate that enhances passenger comfort while maintaining operational efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Approach for Sustainable Travel

Lumikko is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of rail travel. Our HVAC systems are designed for low energy consumption. This commitment mirrors Lumikko’s focus on environmental awareness through our range of sustainable solutions. By choosing Lumikko, operators are not only providing comfort to their passengers but also contributing to a greener planet.


In the wake of global health challenges like COVID-19, Lumikko’s HVAC systems are equipped with advanced air purification technologies that are currently used and tested in trams in Finland. In future solutions, we integrate features that mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for passengers and staff.


Our clients’ successes are our pride. Lumikko’s portfolio includes numerous successful projects where we have provided bespoke HVAC solutions. Our approach is client-centric, focusing on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each project.

Why Choose Lumikko for Your Rail HVAC Needs?

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored HVAC systems for every type of train and climate.
  • Advanced Technology: Innovative designs for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Eco-friendly systems for sustainable rail travel.
  • Health and Safety Commitment: Air purification technologies for a safer travel experience.
  • Proven Success: A track record of successful projects and satisfied customers.

Partner with Lumikko for a Superior Rail Experience

For operators seeking to enhance their passenger experience while maintaining operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, Lumikko is the ideal partner. Contact us to explore how our HVAC solutions can transform your rail services. Together, let’s move towards a more comfortable, efficient, and sustainable future in rail travel.

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