Railway regenerative braking

Lumikko’s integration of a regenerative braking system in its tram HVAC solutions represents a significant advancement in public transportation technology. This system captures and repurposes the kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost during braking, turning it into a valuable resource for heating the tram.

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saved energy from one tram car annually

Regenerative braking systems are a transformative technology for public transportation, offering several key benefits:

  1. Energy efficiency: These systems capture kinetic energy during braking and convert it into electrical energy. This not only reduces the need for additional energy sources but also decreases fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a vital tool in combating climate change, as every mile traveled using public transit instead of a private vehicle reduces carbon dioxide emissions substantially.

  2. Cost savings: By reusing energy that would typically be lost, regenerative braking systems help public transit agencies cut down on their energy expenses. This includes lower maintenance costs over time due to reduced wear and tear on traditional braking systems.

  3. Extended vehicle range: Vehicles equipped with regenerative braking benefit from an extended range as the recovered energy is stored and available for reuse, reducing the overall energy demand. This increases operational efficiency and reduces downtime for recharging or refueling.

  4. Enhanced passenger comfort: These systems provide a smoother and more controlled braking experience, contributing to a more comfortable ride for passengers.

By adopting such innovative solutions, Lumikko is contributing to a greener future while providing efficient and comfortable transportation solutions. The use of regenerative braking in Lumikko’s tram HVAC systems demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and innovative public transport solutions.

Adaptive heating with the use of braking energy

Regerative braking system in a nutshell

Lumikko’s regenerative braking system is an innovative and environmentally friendly solution that utilises the energy generated by tram braking. The system converts kinetic energy into electrical energy that can be used to heat the cabin or stored for later use. In this way, the system reduces the energy consumption and emissions of trams and improves passenger comfort.

The Lumikko regenerative braking system is in use in all Finnish tram cities: Tampere, Helsinki and Espoo. The system is part of Lumikko’s extensive service concept, which offers comprehensive thermal management and ventilation solutions for rolling stock. With over 50 years of experience, Lumikko is a leading player in its field in Finland and internationally. Contact us and ask more about Lumikko’s regenerative braking system and our other services!

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