Thermal Management plays a major role in the electrification of mobile work machinery – Future Mobile Work Machine 2024

Future Mobile Work Machine 2024, the most important mobile machinery event of the year in Finland, brought together leading companies in the field at the end of May. The mobile machinery industry is undergoing a transformation, and the event focused especially on electrification, autonomy, green and digital transitions. 

”The energy sector and thermal management solutions for electric non-road machines play a very important role in our strategy. We have designed, developed and manufactured cooling solutions for fully electric and hybrid mining and port machines for 10 years. We are investing more and more in research and product development”, says Kimmo Pyykönen, Lumikko’s CEO.

Lumikko offers cooling and heating solutions for batteries and charging stations, e.g. for energy storages, electrical and hybrid mobile machinery.

Emission reductions and the transformation of industries

Depending on the sector and the infrastructure it requires, electrification is progressing at different speeds. The transition from diesel to zero-emission alternatives, such as hybrid, fully electric or hydrogen machines, is gradual and the benefits and challenges also vary greatly depending on the sector.

In its presentation, Kalmar, a customer of Lumikko, underlined that hybrid straddle carriers used in ports are already among the best-selling machines. The transition to hybrid technology does not require any changes to infrastructure, but the reductions in emissions and fuel costs are substantial: 40%.

Our customer Sandvik presented its ambitious sustainability goals: zero emissions by 2050 and a 90% waste circularity rate by 2030. Sandvik’s example of comparing the use of diesel and battery-powered loading machines over one year illustrates the significance of the change. The battery-powered machine had 80% less energy use, 86% less energy cost and 98% less Co2 emissions.

Cooperation, R&D investments and a culture of experimentation are the keys to innovation

The technological revolution of mobile machinery is extremely important, as the related sectors, such as mining, ports, construction and agriculture, can genuinely fight against climate change. However, this requires strong innovation, which in turn requires cooperation.

”The best result is achieved through deep cooperation. For us at Lumikko, the most delicious situation is that we get to discuss and design with the customer already in the product development phase. We are fortunate to have reached this situation with many of our customers”, says Ville Saikkonen, Lumikko’s Director of Technology and R&D .

Cooperation with universities and other companies is vital for creating real innovations. The Six cluster is an excellent example and a platform for the emergence of innovations.

”Our strategy is to be the best partner in thermal management solutions. We want to build an ambitious and reliable partner network where all parties in the partnership do their part and benefit”, says Lauri Latvala, the entrepreneur of Lumikko.

In addition to cooperation, investments in R&D and the courage to experiment drive innovation forward. One performer summed up the apt maxim “Try fast, fail fast”. By experimenting, you will find out what works and what doesn’t. In many cases, we at Lumiko can also tell our customers that we have already made mistakes by experimenting for them.

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