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Arctestin myyntijohtaja Johan Kinnula edustamassa Arctestia omalla messupisteellä Vaasa Energy Weekeillä

Extreme conditions and a flexible operating model unite Lumikko and our new customer, Arctest Oy, a leading expert in environmental testing equipment. Arctest creates the necessary conditions for its customers – cold, hot, humid, bright – for the necessary testing. Lumikko, on the other hand, cools and heats where it is needed.

Arctest’s testing conditions are used in a variety of ways by operators in various fields. The pharmaceutical industry, the defense industry, academia and plant breeding testing are just a few examples. The 1986 founded company knows how to be flexible in the changing world. One thing that doesn’t change however is their main focus – testing. 

“We manufacture fixed testing rooms, testing trailers and mobile testing containers. Building conditions is the key in what we do. If the customer needed temperature changes, rain or light for his testing, we will create it “, says Johan Kinnula , Arctest’s sales director & chairman of the board.

Arctest’s success over 30 years is based on flexibility, careful planning and strong professionalism. The company is a unique operator in Finland, manufacturing its testing products in its own factory, tailored to customer needs.

Focus on your own area of expertise, relief in production from a refrigeration expert


Arctest and Lumikko crossed paths at the fair, and common ground was found relatively quickly. Lumikko was familiar as an operator in the refrigeration industry and their competence as an expert in the field was convincing.

“We have growth goals, so buying the production of thermal management systems from an expert partner enables flexibility, customization and focus on our own area of expertise, i.e. creating conditions and making the software work”, Kinnula describes the beginning of the collaboration.

Lumikko’s first delivery is related to test trailers, where the temperature variation is -54 to +71 degrees Celsius. The device we manufacture heats and cools the testing rooms and is integrated into the system.

Arctestin testaustraileri, jossa on Lumikon lämmönhallintalaitteet
Arctest's testing trailers have the possibility to test extreme temperature fluctuations. Lumikko supplies cooling and heating equipment for trailers.

“Arctest had ready-made plans, but they needed help with production. So we went through the operation of the device again together, modified the locations of the components to optimally fit the environment and standardized the product,” says Ville Saikkonen, Lumikko’s director of R&D and Technology.

“Arctest as a customer is particularly interesting for Lumikko, because they work with our core competence – extreme conditions.”

The first test device was delivered in March and is ready for use. The timing was also excellent from Lumikko’s point of view. The layout renewal of our production was completed in March.

“In order to be the best partner in thermal management solutions, our production and supply chain must also meet changing customer needs. In the layout change, we focused on phasing and standardizing the production process to increase efficiency, without forgetting flexibility and agility,” says Joonas Pakkanen, Lumikko’s director of Supply.

A major role in the layout renovation is the transfer of material handling and set collection to a storage partner operating next door to Lumikko.

“In this way, we can focus on our core competence in manufacturing: mechanical and electrical assembly, soldering and final testing.”

A new market in battery testing


It becomes clear from Johan’s speech that Arctest is ready to change according to demand, and is not afraid of a changing world. Their product development often starts from the customer’s needs, and they tailor the solutions to exactly the testing conditions according to the customer’s wishes.

Sometimes there are also new uses for existing devices. This has happened, for example, with mobile testing containers.

“The mobile testing containers were originally developed for the defense industry together with the customer. When the product was ready, there was a demand for battery testing as well.”

The testing market often lags a bit behind compared to other industries. At first, we get excited and start planning and implementing new innovations. After a couple of years, it will be understood that product testing is also necessary. That’s when customers turn to Arctest.

Arctestin mobiilit testauskontit ovat erinomainen alusta esimerkiksi sähköautojen akkujen testaukseen.
Arctest's mobile testing container is an excellent place for electric car's battery testing

Arctest in brief 

  • Expert in extreme conditions: Arctest Oy is a leading expert in environmental testing equipment that creates the necessary conditions for testing – cold, hot, humid and bright.
  • Flexible and customized: Arctest manufactures fixed test rooms, mobile test containers and test trailers according to customer needs.
  • More than 30 years of experience: Arctest’s success is based on careful planning, strong professionalism and flexibility.
  • A unique operator in Finland: They are the only company in Finland that manufactures its testing products in its own factory, customized for customers.
Arctest Oy has a long and successful history behind it. Since 1986, they have been the leading manufacturer of weather testing cabinets and rooms, shelf life monitoring rooms and plant growing rooms in the Finnish market. Arctest also acts as the representative of NVT Group’s industrial shakers and JOMO industrial ovens in the Nordic countries and as a distributor of Conviron’s plant growing cabinets.
You can find more information on their website: Arctest Oy.

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