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Lumikon ilmastointijärjestelmä juniin ja raitiovaunuihin

In 2019, the first tram manufactured by Škoda Transtech Oy was delivered to Tampere. The Tampere tram network currently operates 20 trams, which incorporate Lumikko Oy´s HVAC system as part of the overall solution.

Lumikko Ltd. collaborates with Tampere Tramway Ltd. through the long Škoda partnership. In total, Finland has over two hundred trams, featuring thermal management solutions designed and implemented by Lumikko.

The solutions developed for Tampere were based on the previous Artic trams manufactured by Škoda and operating in Helsinki.

“We were delighted that Škoda chose Lumikko as the supplier for their HVAC system. Lumikko has extensive experience with their trams and a deep understanding of what they deliver to the rest of the rail transport industry. The system is good, tested, and functional,” says Ali Huttunen, the Rolling Stock Manager at Tampere Tramway Ltd.

Huttunen also mentions his willingness to contribute to the discovery of Finnish solutions. “From that perspective as well, the choice of supplier was pleasing.”

Thermal Management Solutions 2.0

Lumikko’s HVAC solutions are in use in all 20 trams in Tampere.

“The thermal management solutions delivered to Tampere represent an advanced version compared to the previous ones. It can be described as Tram 2.0. We have primarily focused on developing the control system. The delivered equipment operates fully automatically. Additionally, the regenerative braking system has been improved, and a new filtration system is in place,” explains Ville Saikkonen, the Head of Product Development at Lumikko Oy.

Huttunen commends Lumikko’s staff for their active presence during the commissioning phase of the new product.

“Naturally, a new product requires initial tuning and adjustment to ensure it functions correctly and optimally. From our perspective, the collaboration has worked well. The trams have been in operation for about two years now, providing strong evidence that we have a highly functional system on our trams,” praises Huttunen.

The Tampere tram network is set to expand in the coming years, and Lumikko will be responsible for implementing the thermal management solutions in the trams manufactured by Škoda.

“This additional option will involve Lumikko delivering thermal management solutions for at least eight new trams in the coming years. It’s great to see the collaboration and product development continuing,” expresses Saikkonen with delight.

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