Containers and cabinets

Wblock Coolers

Lumikko Wblock Coolers are designed for demanding environmental conditions. After easy deployment, choose the desired temperature and Wblock takes care that conditions remain under control.

Different control panels can be freely positioned in the refrigerated area and external sensors measure the temperature in chosen locations. The wall mounted device utilises modern inverter technology, which is integrated in the compressor.

The fresh air function negates the need for a separate air supply fan. The modular structure also allows customisation solutions.

Technical information

TypeCooling machine
ApplicationsVehicles, containers
OptionsHeating, fresh air
InstallationOn the wall
Supply voltage12…400 V
Cooling capacity1,5…2,5 kW
Heating capacity1,5 kW
Air Volume500 m3/h
RefrigerantR134A 0,75 kg
Operating temperatures-40°C…+50°C
Dimensions (w x h x d)1140 x 430 x 430 mm
Weight80 kg

Cabin Cooler

The Lumikko Cabin Cooler is installed next to the electric centre or at the end of the electrical cabinet, which typically functions as a cooler for frequency convertors or power electronics. The Lumikko Cabin Cooler has been designed to withstand vibration and large accelerations. The unit blows air downwards, so the standard use is suitable for machine rooms, where air circulation is carried out by raised floors.

Technical information

Cooling capacity10 kW
Operating voltage / frequency400V / 50Hz
Max current13A
Air Volume3500 m3/h
Standard air flow directionsivulta / alas
Refrigerant R134a4 kg
Operation temperature-35°C…+35°C
Dimensions (w x h x d)400mm x 600mm x 2000mm

Window Unit

The Lumikko Window Unit has been designed for summer and winter cooling and heating of device and operating areas. Installation is simple and does not require a refrigerant handling licence; installation is directly into a cut-out in the wall, the plug is connected to the wall and the product is ready to use. The desired temperature can be set by the unit’s control panel.

Technical information

Cooling/Heating4 kW / N/A
Operation voltage / frequency230V / 50Hz
Max current7,8A
Air Volume (1/2/3)300/400/600 m3/h
Noise (1/2/3)60/65/74 dB(A)
Refrigerant R407c800g
Operation temperature-35°C…+35°C
Dimensions (w x h x d)600mm x 435mm x 650mm
Cooling/Heating4 kW / 5kW
Operation voltage / frequency230V / 50Hz
Ma current7,8A
Air volume (1/2/3)300/400/600 m3/h
Noise (1/2/3)60/65/74 dB(A)
Refrigerant R407c800g
Operation temperature-35°C…+35°C
Dimensions (w x h x d)600mm x 435mm x 650mm

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