Thermal management and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions for railway have been our special expertise since 1992. Thanks to our long product development history and persistent work, we are the leading player in the industry. With our service and cooperation network, we can also support customers in installations and commissioning as well as ensuring the device’s operation throughout its life cycle.

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TECHNICAL solutions

At Lumikko, we specialize in bringing innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions to the rail industry. Our comprehensive range of products and services is designed to meet the unique demands of rail transportation, ensuring enhanced performance, comfort, and reliability.

Revolutionizing HVAC systems

Lumikko leads the way in rail HVAC technology, offering cutting-edge solutions for locomotives, train cars, and trams. Our systems are custom-engineered to provide optimal climate control in various environments, ensuring passenger comfort and safety. Emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, Lumikko’s HVAC solutions are a testament to our commitment to sustainable transportation.

Pioneering in Regenerative Braking Technology

We are at the forefront of regenerative braking technology, particularly in trams. Our innovative systems capture kinetic energy during braking, converting it into electrical energy for heating, significantly enhancing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Food storage systems

Advanced Refrigeration for Train Restaurant Cars

Understanding the critical role of food quality in rail travel, Lumikko provides advanced refrigeration solutions for train restaurant cars. Our refrigeration units are designed for optimal performance, ensuring the freshness and safety of food products throughout the journey.

Expertise in Renovation
and Maintenance

Lumikko excels in the renovation and maintenance of trams and train cars. Our comprehensive services breathe new life into aging transit systems, integrating the latest technologies to ensure longevity and reliability. We also offer customized maintenance programs tailored to the specific needs of your fleet.

Renovation and maintenance


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