Service Concept

At the core of Lumikko Oy´s operations has always been a genuine desire to help the customer. We strive to provide the right and best solution to our customers. As an expert organization, we have honed our expertise to perfection over years of experience.

The Lumikko product development process is a tested method in demanding projects to develop high-quality and customer-centric solutions within agreed timelines. The quality of our products and services is evident through many long-standing customer relationships.

Understanding the need in customer collaboration

At Lumikko, finding the most suitable solution begins with understanding the customer’s needs. A crucial part of our expertise is asking the right questions right in the start of the project.

Thanks to decades of experience, Lumikko has the expertise to seek and implement effective solutions for challenging locations and extreme conditions. Through our experience, we also have the ability to anticipate potential problem areas well in advance.

After determining the technical and space requirements, we proceed to identify the critical components of the equipment based on power requirement calculations. Additionally, during the quotation phase, we provide a preliminary 3D model of the solution to ensure that the device fits within the available space. The quotation provides the customer with a clear picture of the proposed solution, including the associated costs.

Before prototype manufacturing, we ensure with you that the system meets the required technical specifications. Following prototype production, the necessary type tests are conducted, final customer approvals are obtained, and product documentation is finalized for your use. Finally, we ensure the manufacturability of the product in our factory from a mass production perspective.

With over 50 years of experience, we provide the right solution to your problems

Lumikko’s own experienced team of experts will take care of the mechanical, electrical, automation, software and cold circuit design to solve your thermal management problems.

The customer is at the centre of the whole proces. That´s why communication between the product development teams is an essential part of Lumikko’s operations. Finding the right solution that works and is right for the customer is in our DNA. Before prototyping, we work with our customer to ensure that the equipment meets all the requirements.

Prototyping is followed by the required type tests, final customer approvals and finalisation of product documentation for your use. Finally, we ensure that the product can be manufactured in our factory from a series production point of view, so that deliveries to your needs run smoothly.

Assurance with lifecycle services

Partnership with Lumikko extends beyond product design and manufacturing. We accompany you throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Our maintenance and spare parts services ensure that you receive the correct components and professional maintenance work for all ages of our equipment. During the design phase, if needed, we also take care of re-designing obsolete parts and provide retrofit packages for devices.

Our experts are available to provide technical support along the way. Leave the thermal management to us; we will find the solution.

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