Free Cooler for Liquid FC-30

The Lumikko FC30 free cooler for liquids and solutions is easy to install as a part of different systems. The pump is integrated into the liquid tank making the system compact. The liquid quantity can be controlled by a level sensor in the device. 

Deployment is made easier as all electrical connections are connected together in a multipolar connector. The cooling air from the unit is easy to connect to the duct system. The device is constructed from high quality UL-approved components. Applications include servo motors and linear motors cooling.

Technical information

TypeWater cooler for liquid
ApplicationsServo- and linearmotor
Cooling capacity3 kW (+30°C)
Condence air volume1000 m³/h
Liquid flow2000 l/h
Tank12 l
ConnectorsPumppu G ¾”
 Lämmönvaihdin G ¾”
Voltage400V 50/60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H)495 x 495 x 510 mm
Weight50 kg

Water Cooler VJ-5

The Lumikko VJ5 is a cooling unit suitable for many different liquids. It can be installed in an industrial environment. The unit is available with copper or acid proof piping. The cooler operates by standalone control or it can be integrated as a part of a completed system.

Techical information

TypeWater cooler
Cooling power5 kW (+35°C)
Conder air volume5000 m³/h
LWater flow80 l/h
Tank30 l
ConnectorsPump G ¾”
Voltage400V 50/60Hz
Dimensions ( L x W x H)952 x 780 x 650mm
Weight150 kg

Water Cooler FJ-45

The Lumikko FJ45 is an industrial environment cooling unit suitable for different liquids. The unit can be equipped with one or two separate independent cooling circuits, whose accuracy can be 0.5˚C. A large 300L internal tank is integrated to the unit, which efficiently equalises the load spikes in cooling the location. The unit can be equipped with its own temperature control, or it can be integrated as part of a larger system. Usage for the units include cooling the resonators and mirror circuits of laser cutting machines or for temperature control of process machines.

Technical information

Medium temperature  Norm/min./max18 / 8 / 35°C
Max surrounding temperature+40°C
Temperature fluctuation+/- 1°C
Condencer max. air volume21 000m³/h
Electrical connection400VAC / 3-vaihe / 50hz
Liquid container (demineralised water)325l
Wight (net/gross)550kg / 850kg
External measurements 1420mm / 1200mm / 1950mm

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