Sustainability at Lumikko

Sustainability has been an important value and way of working for us from the beginning of Lumikko’s story. Sustainability is embedded in our strategy: we want to be the best partner in thermal management solutions. We want to support our customers in succeeding in their own business in a sustainable way.

We support our customers in thermal management and hvac solutions in the following fields:

The industrial sector is undergoing a transformation and with electrification, the cooling of batteries and charging points also rises to a new value. Heat management ensures the maximization of the machine’s power and service life. At this point, we step in to support our customers.

Read more about our cooperation with Enico, an innovator in energy storage.

Lumikko has been an expert in cooling and ventilation for rail and tramways since the 90s. Our story in rail traffic began when we solved the problem of too hot working conditions for locomotive drivers with our own cooling solution. Lumikko’s ventilation and cooling solutions can be found in almost every Finnish tram and most of the double-decker trains.

We have developed, for example, a braking energy recovery system for tramways, where the braking energy of trams is used to heat the passenger compartments of the cars. Thanks to our innovation, each tram car saves about 74,000 kWh of electricity per year for heating. With the savings of each car, four large electrically heated houses could be heated for a year.

The life cycle of our products is typically 10-15 years and even 30 years in train equipment. Lumikko Huoltopalvelut operates as our customers’ partner throughout the product’s life cycle.

Electrified harbour machinery

Customer orientation and innovation

Our solutions are designed to meet the customer’s needs. Customer orientation and customization have been part of our operations since the 1970s. Innovation and critical review of our own work have been part of Lumikko’s core since its inception.

Responsibility actions and goals


In our environmental policy, Lumikko commits to reducing our harmful environmental impacts both in our own operations and in our value chain. We calculated our carbon dioxide emissions for 2021 in the summer of 2023 and we intend to find out our carbon footprint in the future as well. We use our emission calculation internally to guide the focus of our environmental work.

Our customers are pioneers in their fields, whose strategy is based on environmental themes, such as innovation towards a better tomorrow, optimal use of renewable energy and enabling sustainable mobility. This enhances our positive carbon handprint, which we aim to grow in the future. Learn more about our customers here.

Our goal is to obtain the ISO 14001 environmental sertificate by the end of 2024.


Products and services

We take responsibility for our products as a whole, as the entire production chain is in our hands from design to prototypes, testing, serial production and maintenance. We have had the ISO 9001 sertificate since 2005.

The core of our work is problem solving. Our products improve working conditions and travel comfort, extend the life cycle of our customers’ products and promote the electrification and energy transition of the industry.

We want to operate transparently. Our contractor liability report is easily available to all our partners through the Reliable Partner program.


Lumikko’s ownership transferred to the third-generation family entrepreneur Lauri Latvala as a result of the 2022 business acquisition. Lumikko is 100% Finnish-owned. As a result of the business acquisition, key personnel were recruited and a new board was formed, which are in an important position to develop the business in the right direction. The board works and meets actively and includes members from outside the company.

Lumikko’s strategy and the most important goals of our business guide all our activities and support sustainable development. Our strategy is to be the best partner in thermal management solutions and our goal is to grow our market especially in the energy sector, supporting the green transition with our thermal management solutions.


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Jarno Lahtinen aloitti kesätyöntekijänä 2023 ja jatkaa oppisopimuksella koneautomaatioasennnuksen opintojaan

Social responsibility

We take responsibility for the Lumikko employees, striving for the best possible working conditions, rights and equal treatment regardless of backgrounds and gender. We see Lumikko and its success as a whole team achievement, and we do not act individuals first. We do an annual job satisfaction survey, which we go through together and based on the answers we develop our operations in a better direction. We strive to create a culture where everyone can make their voice heard and influence at the level they want.

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