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Revolutionizing Urban Transit with Cutting-Edge HVAC Technology

Lumikko’s tram HVAC solutions are engineered to meet the unique demands of urban transit. Our systems provide efficient climate control in the compact and often crowded spaces of trams, enhancing passenger comfort in every journey.

Compact and Efficient Designs for Urban Trams

Understanding the space constraints typical in trams, Lumikko’s HVAC systems are compact yet powerful. This design philosophy ensures that our systems fit seamlessly into trams, providing efficient temperature management without sacrificing space. Noise Reduction for a Pleasant Transit Experience In the bustling urban environment, noise reduction is key. Lumikko’s HVAC systems are designed to operate quietly, minimizing noise pollution and enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers. Eco-Friendly Operation in Urban Settings Echoing the sustainability focus on our tram HVAC solutions, we are environmentally friendly, with low emissions and reduced energy consumption, making our systems ideal for the modern, eco-conscious city. Unmatched Durability and Reliability Lumikko’s tram HVAC solutions are built to last. Their durability and reliability ensure that urban transit systems can rely on our technology for continuous, efficient operation, even in the most demanding urban landscapes.

Lumikko Oy has been developing trams for decades. We have designed and implemented air conditioning solutions for all trams in Finland.

Energy efficiency and sustainable solutions guide Lumikko’s design. We select electrical components that consume as little energy as possible.

The operation of air conditioning solutions

Lumikko’s air conditioning solutions are based on energy efficiency and durability. Below are important technical characteristics:

– Weasel selects components that consume as little energy as possible. This is especially important in ventilation and cooling solutions.
– Tram refrigeration units automatically regulate their operations to maximize efficiency.
– Braking energy recovery system utilizes up to 90%
from braking energy to heating.

Customer testimonials

Ali Huttunen, Fleet Manager at Tampereen Raitiotie Oy, thanks Lumikko’s personnel for their active presence during the commissioning phase of the new product.

“Of course, a new product initially requires tuning and adjustment to ensure that it works correctly and optimally. From our point of view, the cooperation has worked well. The trams have been operating for about two years now and there is strong evidence that we have a very functional system in our carriages.”

Huttunen continues:
“We were delighted that Škoda chose Lumikko as the supplier of our HVAC system. Lumikko has a long experience specifically with their trams. The system is good, tested and functional.”

Tram HVAC solutions with decades of experience

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